Its clear that the Iranian leader, who is not democratic elected, but holds to power saying that Islam has granted him rights to do so seems to be a barking dog. His remarks on Kashmir will not improve Iran’s situation.

The way he acts seems is not to respect best interest of Iranian people, but he tries to hurt nations that are growing ties with USA. Iran must learn a lot from India. USA was once dead against India. The crippled our space program, they destroyed our nuclear program. They made sure India is dependent on Oil till this day so that we are forced to to use the US dollar for trade. But did we get angry? Did we give up? India despite all these odds sat and thought. We chose science as our staff and we stood up.

Any one must research the Internet, one can find that along with Radical Islamic nations, the CIA had paired with them and killed lot of Indian top scientists. The CIA killed Homi Bhaba, and Vikram Sarabhai there by delaying our progress for decades. But did we Indians give up?

Today even SpaceX is afraid of ISRO and runs to US courts saying that India must be stopped from launching US satellites. Our thorium research is one of the finest. Iran should be like India and must not loose heart because of Americans who are naturally inferior to Persians.

Iranians must think. Should the Ayatollah be there and ruin their nation in the name of Islam? Or should Iran progress and provide better life to its citizens?