I took a walk on the roof top of my office, and noticed something, it was smelling foul due to something rotting. My office is in Velacherry which is supposed to be a prime area. An area where the rich, tax evaders, law breakers exists.

Velacherry always smells foul for some reason. When you approach it, near Pallikaranai it smells foul, today garbage is dumped in Perungudi which includes garbage from many first world nations. Winds blowing across it ends up in Velacherry.

I had a very uncomfortable walk and had to end it prematurely. Its sad that being such a filthy area, Velacherry is regarded as very premium Real Estate spot in Chennai. Many fools believed it and had got their properties there.

Its not just Velacherry, even Medavakkam has a huge problem with air. There is some garbage dump in Medavakkam in which fire is lit every evening. Most times when I drive through the air is filled with the smell of burning plastic which is a carcinogenic substance.

I wonder why rulers of Tamilnadu were and are such a waste. They are unable to keep their capital clean. And I wonder why people are idiotic to reside in such a ill-healthy city like Chennai.