Kind of week ago I think, I was in heavy traffic, traveling from Sithalapakkam to my office in Velacherry. I was standing in Medavakkam junction. Sithalapakkam and it surrounding areas are relatively water rich. There are lot of people who bore down the Earth and sell the water to Tanker lorries so that it can be sold at high price to people in Chennai. There are also vehicles which carry 25 liter bottles of potable water. Such vehicle was standing before me.

There was a police man who walked up to the vehicle, the driver held out his hand and they kinda shook their hands :D. Next the police walked away and once again started to direct the traffic. As I was turning my car in the junction, I found that police guy going to a lorry that came from Pallikaranai side. Looks like the lorry driver did not have the manners to shake with the police hand. The police I saw was confiscating the license.

If there was an accident or rash driving the law permits police to confiscate license, but now Indian law seems to permit cops to trouble drivers if they are not shaking hands too!