I use Firefox, i don’t really know why I like it, possibly because its one of those top browsers which claim to support user freedom, but in raality its not. Chrome browser is far worst, it turns on your microphone while you browse, possibly listens to it transmitting what you say to google.

There was however one problem with firefox that nagged me. Firefox was really slow compared with Chrome. Now firefox has improve, its lightning fast, consumes far less memory compared to other top browsers, but it still sucks.

Stability of Firefox is in question here. Though its fast it crashes often. I see the screen below all the time

I have heard how miserable it is for people to work in firefox. Rather than adopting a culture of freedom and openness, they have become more corporate like. This seems to have adversely affected team morale and subsequently the quality of the browser.

Hope they change and become an open cultural group again.