Finally I am moving. Moving my blogging platform to Jekyll from Medium. Wordpress was great, it did everything great for me, but there was one nagging thing. Even if I imported images from other sites, that is even if I cross referenced images that were embedded in my blog, wordpress stored those images and taxed me on storage.

There was a business sense for that. Wordpress charges you on how much memory / hard disk you used. Back then it was a great model because hard disk costs, but it wouldn’t work on the long run because storage will get so cheap that some one else will give free unlimited storage. And thats what happened. Came along Medium which did that. As far as I know there was no storage quota limit. So I switched to that.

Medium is just like Blogger in its soul. Its heart seems to be aimed at making money with ones content. Thats not bad, but now they are putting some kind of idiotic restrictions that one must be logedin to read articles. Or in other words they want to know who you are and what you read. I did not like that.

First I wanted to build my own blog with Ruby on Rails, but that that would need a costly hosting, lot of deployment things and so on, plus for the blog needs new features, coding it without a community would be a pain, so I switched to Jekyll.

I control much things about my blog in Jekyll. Now I am hosting it on Github pages, but in future if Github gets more corporate company and bans human creativity I can just take my files and try to host it somewhere else.