India is a democracy, which means one has got freedom of expression. One should have the right to express himself and herself in the form of text, voice, images, videos and action. And we should be okay and tolerant with it. We can ignore those expression, that’s our right.

For example I am an atheist living in a highly religious nation. I do get irritated and feel sorry when people worship God, and to put it mildly, God is not present. Yet we as a nation spend billions in the name of God every year, and still our policy makers have not banned this blind faith. Why? Because it interferes with the freedom of expression. Even we rationalist try to explain the stupidity of blind faith to the faithful than to lobby the government and seek a ban on God and religion. Because being a stupid is your right and expressing your stupidity is your right too.

The same is the case with TikTok. one can use it for entertainment to cajole himself, or one can use it to waste away his life. One can use it to share a cooking tip or a scientific experiment, or one can use it to share porn. Its ones wish. Democracy should be tolerant and should not obstruct the flow of information and should not affect ones will and ability to express in any way possible. Its unfortunate that India is not a democracy.

Harassing China

From being a Soviet colony, India has now become colony of the USA, so India must do something that pleases its ruler. USA is harassing China recently, like giving trouble to Huawei. USA is unable to control China diplomatically, neither China can be contained economically and it cannot be defeated militarily. Unlike India, its leaders can’t be bribed easily and hence harassment to submission could be one strategy.

Certainly European leaders will not obey the will of USA as they head sovereign nations,and hence USA has picked up India as one of its hit man.

How to use TikTok

Though you cannot download TikTok from Google app store, you can get its APK else where. Just visit